Opt to Forget ✓

Life would be fair if only we know how to forget bad memories! What are we struggling with to forget that pricks our hearts so badly for many years now? I am sure many of us are left with stories in life to forget a few things that happened but we just couldn’t.

Are you finding it difficult to forget the breakups, failures, and wounds? Are you the one in this circle? Trust me, you can always find a way. Let go of the darkest days from your mind and glow up; for you have a purpose!

I know life is not as easy as we say. It has many ups and downs, many flaws and cross! But everyone is pushing somehow to forget the bad days and are forwarding further to reach destiny! And still, few stumble in the middle and fail to rise!

Failures can pull you back, put you down, lock you up but stop, there is a solution for all your strives, and living against the odds makes you the most beautiful creation in this universe! Also do not forget all the rainbows and the butterflies that come your way! 

The heart is not a place to pile up the worries, but spurn the specks of dust and put off your blue face to wear the smile!! 😀 Life is so interesting only when it has few falls and that’s how we learn how to rise up and stand.

Have you noticed how flowers are waving their heads to the breeze forgetting that they will fade away at the end of the day? It’s so similar that we have to live our lives forgetting the bricks that come our way. Let’s hope that we can always fight the blues and build up our lives.

Don’t be sorry for the flaws that you made. The baby birds learn how to fly only after falling many times to the ground! We are the baby birds yet in this globe learning every day how to fly higher and higher!!

Opt to Forget the trouble;
Even when it grows double;
Life is more like a bubble!

But what if the bubble breaks? Don’t worry! You can always blow another one!! 😄

Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

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