What a good feeling to have relationships back with zero flaws!! Oh, what awe it is to get back the “once” broken relationship. Relationships are more needed for anyone to get both attention and affection!

Relationships aren’t usually as pretty as they are on the silver screen and the stories don’t always have fairy endings! Life is a bed of roses only when it is full of love and forgives. And here I tend to write how I fixed my fragile friendship!

I was in my final year to finish my master’s degree. I made many friends and making friendships seems very easy for me! So I liked that ‘job’ of making friends, and wherever I go, I made sure I am not alone!! So this final year was full of joy and hope as we were at the edge of our college days. Waiting to wave goodbye to all the friends, as we had no clue when are we even going to meet again.

Finishing the last exam not wanting to leave college, we stayed there for a while and promised each other that we will remain friends until the end of this world! Eventually, we waved our last goodbyes to everyone and took our paths to reach home. We were already missing all our merry-go-round trips and all the fun we had together!

I came back home with the heavy heart not wanting to talk to anyone around me. I isolated for the next few days. Heart denies accepting that we have finished the degree and are on our way to the next level. Missing a friend was miserable!! 😔

But before all this, I had the biggest fight with one of my friends that ended up hanging the phone by promising each other not to talk or see for the rest of our lives. Honestly, I do not remember now for what we fought for!!! But the fight remained in my heart until I forget the real reason for the fight.

Years passed, and as life took everyone to different careers, most of us lost contact with each other, forgetting the promise that we made on the final day! Only a few remained as Facebook friends and very few as WhatsApp friends.

Many years on, most of my friends are now a successful candidate in each one’s profile! And this is the best thing you want to hear about every friend!

Now coming back to that ‘one friend’, whom I fought with. After a few years, I started hunting for his contact details to reconnect with him. But in vain, all efforts took me down of zero hope to contact him back to reconcile. But letting not to fail, I kept trying to find him until one day I really did get his phone number.

The moment he was found, I lost all the strength to talk to him fearing the worst would come my way if he doesn’t reply to me. So I stopped myself from texting him and moved on.

But stop! Here comes the good news!! This ‘guy’ texted me one fine day seeking to apologize for what he did and even asked me how am I doing? Goodness! I was already in tears seeing his text and reading it again and again. And I knew forgiveness is the key to forget all the bad memories, I pulled up all the courage to reply to him and said “Hello”. And it went on till we chat about all the good old days we had and how we both wanted to ask apology for quite a long time!! The waves were really similar to both of us in getting in touch with each other. So we didn’t find it very difficult to have the conversation lengthier.

But that made me cry emotionally! And it felt really good when the relationships are being amended. Friendship is so important to sustain and it is equally important to let go of our ego’s to fix the fragile! This happened to me a few days before and now I am reconciled with my FRAGILE FRIEND“. So now I can shout out and say he is no more a fragile but a FRIEND!!!

Even if you are in the same boat as me, go back to amend the repairs, and even if you feel it’s the dead end, don’t lose hope there’s always another way! Trust me pacifying the broken pieces of the fragile relationships will give you an amazing feeling! Some friendships are so fragile that we need to handle with care, and leaving it to break is not so fair!

“Please share if you also have any experience like me and how you fixed that relationship. Now this is called Sharing and Caring!!” 😀

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My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

7 thoughts on “Fragile!!

  1. I had a friendship with a writing mentor several years ago. At my last critique, she made the statements ” I’ve done everything I can for you” and ” I’ve told you over and over yet you make the same mistakes.”

    It made it easy to let my ego take control and let the friendship go into a coma.

    Then earlier this year, while sitting / writing in a book store, I saw her walk by. I instinctively called out and said “Hello”.

    I”m glad I did.

    This person, I learned, was annoyed to learn I sought out someone else for a professional critique of my writing. She held onto this anger for over 5 years ( I noted that when reflecting on just how long it’d been since we last talked.)

    I explained the reason for the disconnect. We met up a few more times to catch up on the years passed.

    The friendship had a season, now over, but it felt good to made the last memory a good one.


    1. Dear Susan, thanks for sharing your story with me. I am so moved to read it. Glad you both are connected again. True friendships are to be treasured leaving our ego’s beside. And it’s worth it!

      Sending you love…. 💗💗


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