Our Poems

Our Poems

We write poems right from our heart, come, enjoy reading with us

Heres the list of our Poems. Click on the title to read


Sometimes all you want to do is quit….but remember how strong you were when it started! Click here to read this motivational poem

I regret!

I am going through writer’s block for few weeks now. I wanted to write something but I ended up writing this. Please click here to read it fully.

Life may get hard….

Life may get hard and sometimes tough but overcoming life’s hardest experiences is the success at the end. Click here to read this Motivating poem.

The mistake!

We are humans and we make mistakes! It’s okay when it happens and don’t stress too much to spoil your day. Please pause and read this motivating poem.

Life is too fragile!

Life is unpredictable and we knew not what is waiting ahead of us! So learn to cherish each moment of your life because life is too fragile!

Strength is….

Even when failures repeat, it is the strength we believe in, to not give up! Click here to read this motivating poem.

Now I know…

Life isn’t easy to explain, and am sure it’s the same for many of us. Click here to read this poem.

There were days…

Life is not a bed of roses! We fall, we rise! We fail, we succeed! Click here to read this motivating poem. 👆


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