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Sometimes all you want to do is quit….but remember how strong you were when it started! Click here to read this motivational poem

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Emotions delivered in a few lines. Read any of our poems that we write from our heart.

I regret!

I am going through writer’s block for few weeks now. I wanted to write something but I ended up writing this. Please click here to read it fully.

Life may get hard….

Life may get hard and sometimes tough but overcoming life’s hardest experiences is the success at the end. Click here to read this Motivating poem.

The mistake!

We are humans and we make mistakes! It’s okay when it happens and don’t stress too much to spoil your day. Please pause and read this motivating poem.


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  1. Hi dear. Thanks for remembering me. You are too sweet… 🥰🥰 I am not active in WP nowadays. In hiatus…

  2. Beautifully penned! The ambiguity of life, blended with its inevitable confusion is truly the essence of this thoughtfully written poem……

  3. Awww thanks Preethes. Everything is good you know… busy. well if you need a laugh, come visit on Fri-Yayyyys! Oh…


They say, laughter is the best medicine. We’ve got you covered.


Exactly a trait that I’m missing. Consistency is HARD unless you have a God-level of self-control and discipline. When we started this blog, I was able to post almost 5 to 6 blogs every week, now it’s one blog every two to three months. I know I can give a lot of shitty excuses for…

How to sleep?

Are you struggling to sleep? Here’s a sarcastic post to help you sleep. Have a good night..!

The daily routine

Bored of having a similar routine everyday? Don’t worry, welcome to the club..! Click to read more..!

People during exams..!

We are past the exam season and here I’ve gathered a list of people that you can find in most of the exam halls. In short, types of people during exams. Click to read fully!

Life is full of choices, be wise to opt!

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