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Exactly a trait that I’m missing. Consistency is HARD unless you have a God-level of self-control and discipline. When we started this blog, I was able to post almost 5 to 6 blogs every week, now it’s one blog every two to three months. I know I can give a lot of shitty excuses for…

How to sleep?

Are you struggling to sleep? Here’s a sarcastic post to help you sleep. Have a good night..!

The daily routine

Bored of having a similar routine everyday? Don’t worry, welcome to the club..! Click to read more..!

People during exams..!

We are past the exam season and here I’ve gathered a list of people that you can find in most of the exam halls. In short, types of people during exams. Click to read fully!

Me vs Slothilda

I came across this funny animated character called Slothilda. I found it very relatable and amusing. Click to ready fully!

Elevators and People

Everybody must have used an elevator in their life. This post is a collection of people inside elevators. Click to read fully..!

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