A Song that would touch your heart

This lockdown has given me ample time to work with music and create cover versions of popular songs. Mostly I cover songs sung by the band ‘Imagine Dragons’ because their lyrics have so much meaning and motivation in them. This week I was listening to one of their songs – Whatever It Takes and thought why not do a cover for this song? And immediately I went to my room and started recording.

The lyrics and melody of this song are so powerful that if you listen to it at the start of the day, you would feel super refreshed. The core theme of this song is we should never give up but follow our dreams, whatever it takes. This human world is full of difficulties, pain and suffering. To achieve success one has to do whatever it takes to be successful.

I have covered the first stanza and the chorus of this song. I’m sure you will like it. I’ve added the lyrics along with the video, so you could sing-along with ease.

Enjoy the Song!

Whatever it Takes

Published by Samuel Lawrentz

I'm an author, poet at OffshoreWritings.com. I'm also a frontend developer and a musician. 😊

4 thoughts on “A Song that would touch your heart

  1. Bro you nailed it..I was amazed by your vocal.. I knew your a good singer but I was unaware of the degree ..best wishes continue doing more

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