Exactly a trait that I’m missing. Consistency is HARD unless you have a God-level of self-control and discipline. When we started this blog, I was able to post almost 5 to 6 blogs every week, now it’s one blog every two to three months. I know I can give a lot of shitty excuses for not posting regularly, like

  • For every 60 seconds, a minute passes in India.
  • There was a power outage in the neighboring town.
  • Someone came and stole my blog idea from my head (I know, this is some Inception level crap right here)

As you know, consistency is a very important trait that one needs to have in every aspect of life, not just blogging. It just shows the levels of dedication, self-control, and discipline. Missing one of the three traits might result in inconsistency. I would rather call inconsistency a slow poison. You wouldn’t notice it unless it hits you hard.

I last posted three months ago since my dear sister put a lot of pressure on me (Kudos to my sis for having the glimpse of hope). This was my last post – Falling is bliss, where I discussed about some inverted, out of the world, inside the mind philosophy about falling. You can read that too..!

The last three months just passed by like three days. These three days (ahem), I was on a boring routine that was very regular. If you want to know more about my routine, you can read it here – The daily routine.

Now that I’m back, you can expect my posts often. It’s about time, that I learn some consistency in life. Also, I’ve missed my readers and fellow bloggers who are my well-wishers. Thank you for your support all along.

Is it irony that I write about consistency while not being consistent? I’ll leave that to you guys. I’m curious how you guys manage to post regularly!? Let me know in the comments.

See you in another similar post, where you would have no idea what you just read..! Ciao..!

Offshore Writings

Also, This is my 50th post..! Congratulations to me..! I know you guys are going to trash me if I post another internal link, but here it is – list of posts that I’ve written.

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48 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Congrats on number 50. I struggle with consistency as well. But I try to stay true to myself and only post when something speaks to me and really pushes forward. It may not serve me well in terms of consistency, but it keeps me in line with why I am here – to share honestly and authentically from within.


  2. Haha this was so relatable 😂
    My blogging Schedule is horrendous. Everytime I decide to be consistent here, there comes something in the way and I get lost in my own world.
    Glad you are back. Looking forward to your posts 🥂


  3. Good post. I think consistency is something even the most dedicated struggle with from time-to-time.

    I’ve found that linking it to other habits has helped. I don’t know if you’ve ever read “Atomic Habits,” but the author talks about this a lot.

    I’ve found that all my habits link to my running. I’m a frequent runner, and when I’m consistent in that, it’s easier for me to be consistent in everything else.

    As well, I get loads of ideas while I’m out on a run. So it has multiple benefits for me.

    Is there any other habit you have that really sets the tone for your day? Maybe you could link writing/posting to that to make it a stronger habit?

    Good luck!


  4. Interesting that the first thing you post after your 3 month hiatus is also the first post of yours I’ve ever seen🙂

    I like your style of writing, look forward to reading your future posts


  5. It’s okay to fall back as long as you get back to it 😊. I hope we can be friends here! Btw I’m a new user of WP and I’m on my quest to establish connection with other bloggers 😆


  6. Yayyy on your 50th post! Hey you’re back that’s all that matters.
    love this and feeling your pain: excuses excuses!!!❣️

    “For every 60 seconds, a minute passes in India.
    There was a power outage in the neighboring town.
    Someone came and stole my blog idea from my head (I know, this is some Inception level crap right here) 💖


  7. if u fail at something or are unable to follow up…this actually makes u a prsn who is really aware of the pros and cons of the idea….
    and anyway…tge neet and iit teachers mostly are those who havent cracked it themselves…coz they know that what are the mistakes that one shud avoid…as everyone knows what is to be done..knowing what to avoid and why…always gives u an extra…
    being experianced and aware abt the setbacks of lack of consistency will always help u to follow it now…
    All the best and happy blogging ahead✌❣

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  8. Congrats on 50th post n going forward be consistent with no excuse 🙄 ha ha… very well penned n it’s applicable for most of us who not consistent even I am able to only once or twice a week. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.🥰


  9. Haha nice post to be backkkk… Totally relate to your thoughts, it just seems like three days… This year started like 8 days back, right?

    I am also struggling with the consistency, to overcome I have a new blog post theme in my IG page, so after every two posts I have to consistently post a blog for posting new blog post. I thought this way atleast I will get the motivation to write a Blog by default 😊😊 Hope you find this helpful, awaiting your future posts!

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  10. I totally relate to 3 months passing by in 3 days, it is a good life I feel :))) I don’t much enjoy the word discipline, it is creates a judgement. I do believe in consistency. I posted thrice a week when I began blogging. I don’t find that ability anymore. So made a commitment to post once a week, with permission to myself to take few breaks in the year as needed. That helps me show up and also follow my joy without the pressure. Have the most amazing times ahead with all you do, your writing is awesome, congratulations on 50th post ✨✨✨✨

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  11. I started blogging many years ago and had a regular schedule but couldn’t keep up and with home pressures it all became too much. I stopped blogging for a few years but really missed it and have started a new blog with an aim to post once a week but only if I can or have something to say. Don’t put pressure on yourself just enjoy it. Blog when you can or want and we’ll be here to read it.


  12. Hello Samuel. Your humour posts were just hilaariousssssss. And for consistency, I prefer to write in the night. some hours but the silence helps to think. And like maybe we ought to think a little less abt repetition( SOmetimes the layout matters but overall nobody can stop thinking abt that😶) Keep writing!!!! Waiting to read more of your posts!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Hey Duo, thank you for this wonderful comment..! It’s your support and motivation that helps me to write more..!

      And thank you for the advice and tips.. I’ll try to follow them..!
      Once again thank you..! More posts to come..!

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  13. Wowww!! Congratulations on your 50th post!! And missed your such a wonderful and inspiring posts..! I’m super happy to see you back..! Missed you very much..! This is post is very relatable..! Wow!! I’m looking forward to read your lovely posts..! Oh yeah, reading others post regularly is little hard to do it..! But mine was day time I will be full busy and night I spend my time to read the posts,replying to comments etc…! And you’re my inspiration..! Hope you are doing good..! Keep shinning..! Have a joyous weekend..!☺️🤗💖💕✨😍

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    1. Wow.. Filarance.. you never disappoint me.. you’ve never changed.. I think you should be awarded for Longest comments in WP.

      But hey thank you for your wishes..! Keep supporting us as you always do.. and thanks for the tips..! I’ll try to follow..

      Have a great day…! Stay happy and stay safe…!

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      1. Wowww!! Your lovely words made my day..! You’re very welcome..! It’s absolutely my pleasure..! You’re such sweet soul..! Sure, I will..! You too have a beautiful day..! Thanks a lot for your sweet words..!🤗🤗💕


  14. Welcome back, Samuel! I missed your writing for sure. But your sister kept us entertained! We’re all learning and growing along the way, consistency is such an important lesson! Thanks for this honest article and congrats on 50!!!! 🖤🤗

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  15. It’s always a pleasure to welcome you back Samuel! You’ve been missed bro, not that I’ve been consistent myself lol! Congratulations on your 50th post. Look forward to your next 50 too! Blessings to you brother! 😊🙏💛👊🎉

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  16. I started blogging 2 months ago, I’m still figuring out how be consistent as well. Consistency as you say is extremely important to keep balance in life. Congratulations on your 50th post and wishing you the very best. 🙃

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