Falling is bliss

People are afraid of falling. Even I’m afraid of falling. Heck! Who would even want to fall? Falling often is portrayed as a negative word. Over the years our brain has been wired into thinking that – Falling hurts ☹️. We think low of people who fall. We are afraid that we could get hurt if we fall and thus we don’t take any risks. Hence our progress is staggered. The net result is that we only do things that we are comfortable doing.

We repeat the same cycle every day. We meet the same people, think in the same way, and do the same old crap again and again. Our brain feels safe by doing the things that we are acquainted to. Anxiety and panic enter the room when you start to think of doing something NEW. Your past failures come and dance before you making you uncomfortable, in taking the fall.

In reality, falling is such bliss. Look at the skydivers, and people who jump from the plane, they look so much excited and are full of adrenaline. Ask them, about their fall and they would say that it was one of the amazing experiences in life. Fear is what you would feel until you jump. Once you take the fall, fear vanishes. Joy, blissfulness, freedom, and serenity engulfs you. And in fact, you would be on top of the world.

An eagle teaches its kids to fly by pushing them down a cliff. The baby eagle would be standing there on the cliff, enjoying the view, and suddenly, the mother pushes it down. Baam..! One second it was enjoying the view, the next second, it is falling headfirst into the ground! Now, the baby bird would feel like it is going to die until it opens up its wings and feels the air gushing through its feathers. Ah! That feel, when you open up your wings, cannot be expressed in words!! You stop falling and start to glide. You begin to soar up in the sky. And just remember – “The sky has no limit.”!!

So, I’m closing up this post by saying. Don’t hesitate to fall, you might be standing on a high cliff. You are not going to hit the rock bottom, instead, you are going to soar up high in the sky like an eagle. Life is all that we got, don’t let fear stop your progress..! Move forward in life, rise high..! And just remember, falling is bliss! Ciao..!

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Published by Samuel Lawrentz

I'm an author, poet at OffshoreWritings.com. I'm also a frontend developer and a musician. 😊

63 thoughts on “Falling is bliss

  1. Ah, dearest Preeths, your words always resonate so deeply within me, and rest in my heart so lovingly. I love this post. Your so right about allowing ourselves the opportunity to fall, it is, indeed, where all the wonder in life lives. A beautiful post, my dear friend. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Falling for you Sam AND your great post but don’t thow me over the mountain… I’m terrified .
    I used to have dreams of flying to get away from all of the ones trying to push me over. Thank god those are over… but I did love flying. 💖💖❣️👏👏👏

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    1. Aww.. That’s so very nice of you Cindy..! Haha.. I won’t throw you over a mountain… 😄 Even if you fall, I know that you would fly high like an eagle..!

      Thanks for the positive reply..! You never fail to motivate me..! Keep supporting..! Have a great day..!

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      1. oh soooo true and I can sleep now knowing that and I might even fly like I used to in my dreams now. And YES like an eagle.
        It’s my pleasure and that is a kind affirmation. Of course I will❣️I’m a good follower as are you💖❣️heading bo bed soon. You have a great night as well!❤️

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    1. Haha.. Thank you Lebogang.. Sometimes, ideas come to me..! 😄

      Thank you for the positive comment..! Keep reading.. Keep supporting..! And a short note – I’m Sam, boy.. 😄


    1. Haha.. yeah.. Absolute truth..! Falling without learning a lesson is like climbing down the stairs without knowing where it leads.

      Thank you for the positive comment..! Keep supporting..! Keep reading..! Have a great day..!

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    1. Yeah sure.. Thanks for the positive reply.. Yes, let us soar like an eagle and reach the highest point.

      I’m glad you liked it..! Keep supporting..! Keep reading..! More to come..!


    1. Thank you so much..! It’s really nice to see your comment..! They motivate me to write more..!

      Let’s start our day with positive vibes.. I’m glad that you liked this post..! Keep supporting..! Have a great day..!

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  3. This is amazing, I truly truly love this piece!! Beautifully written with lovely & deep truths intertwined throughout!!! Such a great view on falling and so original/unique!! You’re on a roll, my friend!!! Each post is better than the last!!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Woww.. thank you Ace for such positive and motivating words..! You are one of the people who truly motivate me to write..!

      It’s good to see your comment..! I’m glad you found this post interesting.. have a good day..! More to come..!

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  4. This is just wow!!! I like how you managed to change the negative to positive. This definitely is inspiring me 👏
    A rare post or may be the only post that I read on this title so far!! Keep up the great work my dear bro 🤝❤️
    Glad to see your posts often… Keep up this spirit and please help me like this in between 😭😭 🤣🤣

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Wowww!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT..! FABULOUS PIECE..! Very amazingly said..! We should not afraid for anything.. we have to try try and try..! In life there will be many hardest things.. but we should not get afraid of it.. we have to give our full strength.. I love the word FEAR VANISHES so powerful!! And you explained very beautifully..! And understood what you are saying!! Just we have to try try and try.. what ever happens that’s not a matter. Just we can give a try.. Wowww!! It’s really such a motivating post!! I love the title “FALLING IS BLISS”.. YEAH!! here I’m not going to be fear to fall.. Come on..! We will fall and break all the negatives and one day we will be in top of the world.. and also I loved the sentence MORE FORWARD IN LIFE, RISE HIGH.. Such a powerful words you have written.. amazing!! You are really awesome!! Never miss me to motivate by your marvelous words.. YOU ARE SOO UNIQUE.. AND SUCH A WONDERFUL TOPIC YOU WRITTEN.. KEEP SHINNING.. HAPPY SUNDAY!!☺️☺️🤗

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wowww… What a big comment.. you never fail to surprise me. Keep motivating..! It’s glad to see your comment in all of our posts.

      And yes, we should try try try, until we fly..!

      Keep supporting.. keep reading..! More to come..! Have a great night Filarance..

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