Oh! To have a friend like you.

I was drowning in the sea,
You pulled me out like the Aquaman.

I was getting low in life,
You lifted my to the sky like the Superman.

Whenever I was slow in life,
You picked me up like the Flash.

Whenever I lied to you,
You got the truth out of me like the Wonder Woman.

Whenever I was weak,
You taught me how to be strong like the Batman.

When I faced injustice,
You were my Justice League!

Oh my friend,
With you by my side, I can never be put down.
All our enemies shall frown,
Be with me till the dawn!

This poem is dedicated to DC fans. Marvel fans please hold on, your poem is on your way ❀️ Stay tuned! Also, check our motivational articles here and our poems here. Have a great day!

Offshore Writings

Published by Samuel Lawrentz

I'm an author, poet at OffshoreWritings.com. I'm also a frontend developer and a musician. 😊

17 thoughts on “Oh! To have a friend like you.

  1. I feel proud to inform you that non of the superheroes movies mentioned have i ever seen.πŸ˜‚But thats quite an excellent poemπŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I only watched Antman. Black Panther. Endgame and a few more out of peer pressure.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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