Life as they say!

Everybody wants a peaceful life;
Nobody wants to get out of strife!

Everyone wants clean air;
But people who plant trees are very rare!

People want to be loved;
But fail to embrace when it’s bestowed!

We are mere mortals who live in constant fear,
Losing the ones that are dear!

We run behind money;
Memories that we have lost are so many!

People say they would stay;
But one day you would watch them go away!

When you die, you take nothing;
So everyday, make people happy with something!

Yo people thanks for reading! That was just a couple of lines which had the last words rhymed. You can call it a poem though! Just do the things you like, keep the people around you happy!! Give it a like or share if you can feel those lines resonate in your head. Please feel free to comment the pair of lines that you like or lines that you have experienced in your life!

Offshore Writings

Published by Samuel Lawrentz

I'm an author, poet at I'm also a frontend developer and a musician. 😊

38 thoughts on “Life as they say!

  1. “Everyone wants clean air,
    but people who plant trees are very rare.”

    Soooooo true, perhaps because, while in school, enough emphasis is not placed on the importance of trees in the environment. Trees breathe in the carbon dioxide that we exhale. Then they exhale the oxygen that we inhale. I do believe this is not stressed enough. Perhaps the air would be much cleaner if every person cut one less tree in his/her lifetime. Just a thought!

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  2. Yeah, when we die, we have nothing to take…So it’s better to make people happy around us.

    So true words that reflected the reality of life .

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  3. People say they would stay;
    But one day you would watch them go away!…these lines absolutely reflected in my life ..those are factual lines

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