Let me do it tomorrow…

“Let me do it tomorrow…”. This is exactly what I was constantly saying for the past two weeks. My last post came out on 21 September, a poem – You thought! – if you haven’t read that yet, please check it out! (Ok, gotta stop my self-marketing here πŸ˜€).

Since then, the co-author, none other than my sweet sister – the OffshoreWriter, has been constantly asking me to write something. Usually when I’m tempted to write, I write 2 to 3 posts continuously but when I’m not, it would take days to complete a single blog post. Every time she asked me to write, I used to come up with some crappy weird excuses and some fake promises.

Me everytime….
My sissy every time…

The Reasons

Below mentioned are the few of the funny excuses and reasons that I used to give when asked to write a post.

  1. Oh! Chill, two days without a post, nothing is going to happen! The world won’t stop.
  2. Can you repost any of my older poems?
  3. I’m in middle of some work (watching IPL), I’ll write one as soon as I’m done with it.
  4. Promise! Tomorrow morning a blog post would be published for sure! – (Wakes up to see nothing!)
  5. I was actually quite busy today, but this weekend, I shall write. We are going to rock this weekend! Whoo! – (Sleeping through the whole weekend)
  6. Oh no! It’s Sunday already, no one will read now..! Let me post on Wednesday!

And finally, she became tired of my excuses and got used to it. Recently I came to realise that I was caught in a sea of procrastination and found out that – tomorrow actually never comes! It is a relative term.

Tomorrow becomes today, tomorrow.

Samuel Lawrentz

Yeah, I know the quote above would not make any sense at all in the first read.

What I wanted to convey is: There is nothing called tomorrow. It is just a prison to hold us from doing anything productive today. There would always be a new tomorrow waiting for us to procrastinate and that tomorrow never arrives. So, don’t push your tasks for tomorrow. Do it today! I’ve got one more quote for you written by someone.

Do it NOW!! Sometimes LATER becomes NEVER!

Someone who got tired of this procrastination bullshit.

Ok enough of preaching, I’ve completed the post. Let me publish it tomorrow! πŸ˜‚

Published! Yayy!🀸

Offshore Writings

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I'm an author, poet at OffshoreWritings.com. I'm also a frontend developer and a musician. 😊

27 thoughts on “Let me do it tomorrow…

  1. I’d read your post but the sun is going to be to bright today. Besides, I wrote and posted too much earlier and my eyes are too tired to type anymore. The last time your sister posted I had more time and energy to read and so I’ll rest up for her next one…. πŸ˜‰

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