Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Hello everyone. It is always a good feeling when someone recognise you for your work! And today we are happy to say that Offshore Writings has been nominated for an award one more time!

We are very thankful to Trianglewritesphil who found us worthy to nominate for this award!  😍😍 We request you to check out his blog and we promise, you will find many of his amazing posts and photos!

Rules for this Award :
1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to her/his blog.
2. Answer their questions.
3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.
4. Notify the nominee’s through their blog by visiting and comment on their blog.
5. List the rules and display the ” Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.
6. Provide the link of the award creator of the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award as Rising Star from Ideal Inspiration.Β Β
the link – Β

Questions from Trianglewritesphil

  1. Why do you think you deserve to be nominated for this award?
    Because we believe that our writings inspire others.
  2. Is it important to be inspired when you write an article ? Why? and Why not?
    Not every-time, some articles come directly from our heart, which requires no inspiration but yes, some blogs/authors inspire us to write.
  3. Do you need music to be on the background when you write? If so, what type of music do you listen ?
    I don’t need music when I write. Rather I prefer a peaceful place to give work to my brain!
  4. Is it proper to nominate a friend-on-line this award? Give a reason.
    Yes, what are friends for!?
  5. Are you happy to be on the list of nominees? Why?
    Yep, we are happy to be on the list. Awards make us happy, it gives us a feeling that our work is getting recognized.

Our Nominations

  1. ruhappysoul
  2. proxywords
  3. frameofsoul
  4. blographytoo
  5. mygodmymusicmylife

Questions to our Nominees πŸ‘‡

  1. When did you start this blogging journey?
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. Tell us what keeps you going when you are feeling low/down?
  4. Who do you look up for motivation/inspiration?
  5. Who is your favourite blogger in WP?

Offshore Writings

Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

50 thoughts on “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations for the ideal inspiration award. You really deserve this award. ❀️
    Ohhh and thank you very much for thinking of my name for the nomination. I saw this post today. I have already created a post for awards, i guess this will be a separate award post! Thanks again πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡

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