Elevators and People

My office is on the second floor and I don’t use the elevator often, but when I do, I find different types of people on it. Some are entertaining, some are interesting and some are weird. Okay, so this post is just a summary of the data that I’ve collected during my office days.

The time-passer

You get in on the top floor and you notice this guy who is already on the lift. You would wonder, where did he come from?! Okay you don’t mind and you enter the lift and the last floor has arrived. You get down, but this person isn’t getting down. Probably he should be a technician or a dude who wants to while away his time mindlessly journeying between the floors.

Wrong Floor Guy

These people are pretty popular in any elevator. First of all, they are not sure about the floor they are in. They are also not sure, which floor they need to get down. These people are normally excited or nervous. They usually get off on a floor where a lot of people get off. They go along with the crowd. – May you find your floor soon!

The last man standing

This person is usually the unlucky person out of all the others. They are the ones who get into the elevator at the last. You know what, modern elevators do not operate unless the number of people inside it is optimal. If an elevator gets overcrowded, the door won’t close or it won’t move. This is the moment when every other person in the elevator would give an excruciating look to the person who entered the lift at the last. All this person can do is get out gently and make others happy.

The hopper

They are the ones who wait extremely long for the elevator just to get down on a floor that is beneath them. They are usually people who are very patient and often occupy the front rows on an elevator.

The impatient

“Patience is the key,” they say, but for these people, patience has no leverage. They want the elevator on their floor as soon as they press the call button. How can that happen? Elevators are programmed in such a way that it patiently onboards and offboards people on different floors. They wait for a few seconds and blast off if the elevator doesn’t arrive. Or start cursing the poor engineer who installed the elevator. Also they get mad at people who stall the elevator.

The showoff

These people pretend to be Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. They would be silent until the elevator arrives. Once they are into the elevator. They start talking business deals worth million dollars. They pick up the phone and start talking even without making/receiving a call – “Hey could you meet me at my office at Antarctica? It’s kinda hot here. I like to be cool. . . Yeah sure, we’ll discuss the project on the Moon.” Duh!

The avenger

These people mostly fall under the impatient category but what makes them different is that when they get out of the elevator they make sure that all of the buttons on it are pressed. Now the elevator takes an eternity to reach the top floor. Some do it for fun and some to avenge other people because of whom the elevator got delayed in the first place.

The first-timer

These people are extremely easy to find. They are ones who are new to this elevator stuff. They look at it as a magical floor traveling machine. They find it hard to operate the elevator. They press the wrong buttons, get down on the wrong floors. If you are a first-timer don’t worry you can learn it. There is a first time for everything!

The fast runner

These are the guys who are super fit or have an extreme urgency and cannot wait for the elevator. They are faster than the elevator. They usually reach their floor before the elevator does. In their mind, it’s always a race between them and the elevator. They usually stride 2 to 3 steps at a time. Just insane speed.

Some final Words

Finally, I’ve come to an end, where my list has exhausted. Okay, about me, to be honest, I’m usually the last man standing, the avenger kind of guy (I press all the buttons for fun sometimes) or the fast-runner. If you can relate to this, do like this post and leave a comment below. If you have come across other types of people on this list do share them on the comments. Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great day!

Hey thanks for reading fully. For more humorous articles click here and for some crispy poems click here. Stay tuned for more!

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21 thoughts on “Elevators and People

    1. Haha, I’m glad you escaped… Nowadays there are lot of tall buildings… and each one of them has an elevator. And, thanks for stopping by Cheryl… Keep supporting…


  1. 😂😂 Fast runner here. At times I skip 3-4 steps. But these elevators I tell you. They are lile Pokemons, they evolve.

    Hate to be a Fast-Running Avenger (it’ll be like DC’s Flash in Marvel universe) hence I am looking for jetpacks. Can’t lose to these elevators anymore.

    Then there are times when you are caught behind oldmen. I’ll be reliving some Mr. Bean episodes that come rushing to my mind.

    Hilarious post, by the way!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hahahhaha… God!! This is a hilarious post.😂🤣 That sarcasm, on point! Meeting in Antarctica?😂😂

    Been there, done almost all of it. Haven’t been the one pressing all the buttons, becoming impatient, the hopper or the show-off one. I won’t even receive a call coz bruh, there is no network.😅 The race with the elevator is soooo true. I’ve done that.

    You just reminded me of my office.😢😢 No, not the one where I work rn but, a previous employer.

    Btw, you missed talking about the one who keeps staring at themselves in the mirror like I do.🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you..! Gosh.. how did I miss the mirror..! Yeah, I’ve seen many people stare into their soul through the mirrors inside the elevator. Some simply smile looking at their reflection. Some start talking with their reflection if no one is around.. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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