You are going to be great, don’t quit now. You got this mate!

Hey hi, thanks for stopping by. I’m back with a story this time. For people who are super-busy, and wants to know only the essence of this story, you can scroll down or click here. Others, come on let’s dive into the world of imagination! 🐬🐬🐬

On a gloomy evening, Joe was alone in his room, in a blank state, not able to think in the proper direction. He was about to do one thing which he feared the most – killing himself. He was very afraid, troubled, and depressed. He regretted the mistakes he had done in the past. He was thinking that he can never have a good future and all hope was lost.

As these thoughts were ruling over his head, suddenly he could hear a piece of familiar music – “In the end” by Linkin Park. He snapped out of his thoughts and realized that it was his ringtone and his phone was ringing. There was no caller ID but deep down he knew the number very well. In hesitation, hoping this could be the last phone call that he ever answers, he picks up the phone.

You are going to be great, don’t quit now. You got this mate!” a very familiar voice said. Before he could ask anything further, the call dropped. Millions of thoughts rushed in his mind. He never had friends or he knew no one personally who would say these words of encouragement, that too in the neck of the moment where he was about to end his life. The voice was very familiar and had great confidence in it. He couldn’t resist but wonder who the caller was? Those powerful words kept resonating in his head. He tried calling back, but the line was busy every time he tried.

He finally decided to give up his suicidal thoughts and believed in those words. Now slowly he started to change his life. Every morning he would think of that voice and progressed forward in life. Years and months went by, Joe who was weak, unsuccessful, sad, and poor was starting to become determined, strong, rich and successful. He took the right decisions, made good friends, and invested on the right platforms. Within 10 years, he became a millionaire. All that he could remember throughout these years was the words – “You are going to be great, don’t quit now. You got this mate!”. He could see those words turning into reality. What if he hadn’t received that call on that day? What if he had already taken the pills to end his life?

Twenty years later, one day, as he was chilling on his luxurious home, drinking a lemonade that his wife had made for him, he was thinking of the day when he was about to end his life. He immediately picks up his phone and dials a number that he knew very well. He says a few words over the call and drops the call. Then he gently smiled and said to himself “You are going to be great, don’t quit now. You got this mate!”.
End of Story.


Joe got a phone call from his future self saying that he shouldn’t quit when he was about to suicide. That call changed his entire life and made him successful. This story is written based on the assumption that in the future there will be phones which can make calls to the past. You too can assume 😀

Take away from this post

Sometimes, the words that you need to say to yourself when you feel down or completely lost is “You are going to be great, don’t quit now. You got this mate!“. Say this phrase to yourself. You should be your motivation. No one else can motivate you as much as you can. You need to believe in yourself. Just get up and try!

Final Words

I know that this post has grown big. I didn’t expect that I would write so much. But yes, thank you for your patience. If you could resonate to these lines and if you wish, just leave a comment saying “I’m going to be great! I won’t quit now. I got this!🔥” and shout it out loud!. Keep that fire with you. Forward and share this article with your friends who need motivation. Have a great day! You got this mate!

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12 thoughts on “You are going to be great, don’t quit now. You got this mate!

  1. thank you for this great post! very much needed! love that twist at the end!😄

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍


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