Rewind click..

Does that make you happy when you read? And for me, it is a yes. Oh my, how could it be; if only we can rewind anything in our life! 

What if the creation itself had a rewind button for every one of us? I believe then no one wants to live the present! God so wisely created everyone that pasts can only be stored in memories and not to playback. It is, of course, a good deal that we don’t carry bitter pasts and ruin our present.

But what if we can rewind with just a click and fix all the repairs, and if we are allowed to play the card once more!! How good it feels to go back and heal all the wounds that we made and are coming back to the right track! And if we can make every wrong a right and all the misunderstandings into relationships? Oh God, if only there is a least chance to do this; we promise you to come back after all the errors are erased!!

But the reality is not everyone wants to rewind their life because it doesn’t always hold good memories and few want to delete the past and don’t want to turn back. And maybe because everyone’s journal contains different chapters, the creation didn’t have any rewind button.

But thank God, we can at least store the memories, and more thankfully no one can read our minds to see what we have stored!

Trust me, Life has rainbow colors and it lies only in the way how we see! You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending!!!

Last but not least, Thank you for travelling with my imagination until the end! πŸ˜€

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