Tom and Jerry

I was watching Tom and Jerry cartoons with my kids this morning. My little daughter always prefers to watch this cartoon and the reason she says is, she likes Tom chasing Jerry every time. And I asked her, what is the fun in watching the chase? She said Jerry finds different ways to escape from Tom every time it chases.

Oh stop right there, Am I promoting Tom and Jerry ? πŸ˜‚; absolutely no. I was thinking life was more like Tom and Jerry cartoon for me. It was my childhood that we (me and my sister) too played this role simultaneously every time we fought. And there appears our brother as a “Spike” to save both from each other. There are also times he would just sit and watch the show! πŸ˜„

Every time Tom and Jerry finds a way to become friends, the friendship lasted only a few minutes and then BOOM there is a fight again. We had similar experiences too, we become friends only when we want something from each other, and when the job is done we are right on the track to fight again!

It also happened that my brother was not an all-time audience, and at times he would come and participate only to lose himself between the two of us 🀣. Once we had an argument and I hit my sister’s head with a silver ladle and because the hit was deep, she just sat down holding her head. And I thought she is making a drama and I even yelled at her saying not to create a “scene”.

But it took less than two minutes for me to realise that the “acting” she made wasn’t a drama and she was in real pain with little blood in her head!! Oops, I was frozen!!! 🀀🀀 And the rest is history.

Those days were gone, No more Tom and Jerry play, No more fighting, No more Chasing… Both my siblings are far away and we have time only to talk about the daily routines. My Brother lost his “Spike” job as both his sisters are married and gone far! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Find time to see Tom and Jerry in this lockdown, and I am sure you will be entertained as well. πŸ‘

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36 thoughts on “Tom and Jerry

  1. Oh that “do not create a scene” routine just brings back so many memoriesπŸ˜‚
    Also, your post got me thinking how we are playing Jerry in our lives and trying to find new ways to escape and beat our problems posing as TomπŸ˜‚.. as your daughter pointed out.. that’s what makes the show interesting.

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  2. My relationship with my younger sister was just like this as well but we outgrew that stage and now we are normal people.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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