Be Minimal!

We enter into this world without anything. We leave the world without anything. Why gather lot of stuffs in the middle? Why clutter your life? Staying minimalistic will help you to be more productive, focused and determined. Your concentration would be scattered into different pieces if you aren’t minimalistic.

I’m not an expert here but these are my observations that would help to lead a minimalistic life,

  • Don’t buy things that are not needed for you. Just because your rich friend has an expensive automobile doesn’t mean that you have to buy.
  • Make space for what is absolutely needed. Clear the clutter in your mind. Remove that toxic relationship that you have.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t come up with 1000 answers for a simple question. When there are lot of choices, you get confused. Sit down, calmly extract the two choices that matter you the most and then select one of them.
  • Purge your contact list. You might have saved the contact details of the security guard of your previous flat. You might even forgotten his face. Clear them, keep it minimal.
  • Clean your room, give away things that you don’t use. You might have some clothes that you wore during your school days, you could give it to the poor and needy.
  • Keep your wardrobe simple, so that every morning you don’t have to choose from the rainbow colour collection you have. Stop buying clothes in colours that have weird names (Peacock Blue, Chilly green).
  • Plan prior! Every morning, before you get to work, list down the 3 most important tasks and try completing them first instead of banging your head with multiple tasks that are of least priority.

Your favourite number should be less than 5. Just kidding! 😉 Don’t complicate things. Keep the choices low. Remove all the clutter, stay focused.

Hope you all are having a good day!! Follow for more content on life skills and motivation. Signing out!

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I'm an author, poet at I'm also a frontend developer and a musician. 😊

18 thoughts on “Be Minimal!

  1. People should just learn how to off the unnecessary stuff. You dont lie. Cut off toxic people. Cut off toxic relationships and materials. We can survive happily on needs.

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