Rest In Peace Sushant

As I was mindlessly browsing through the internet, sometime around 2 o’clock I saw a saddening and a shocking news. The death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He was a fine Bollywood actor and I personally admired him for his style and attitude. Many young people admire him, because he is such a good influencer and always had a smiling face and a very down-to-earth person. He did some famous movies like M.S Dhoni, Raabta. It is reported that he was found hanging in his apartment. He is such a fine actor. People are going to miss him. No one expected this incident to happen. But yes, Life is full of surprises, even sad ones.

Sushant singh, a popular bollywood actor committed suicide on his apartment. The reason for his death is depression. He had depression for 6 months.
Sushant Singh Photos

Media is not yet sure of the reason for this tragedy, but the word out in the world is that, he was depressed and alone. We are not a media website/blog. We don’t want to cover his death but we are really sorry for his loss and our deep condolences extend to his family and friends.

Sushant Rajput Singh, was found hanging in his apartment. Last week his manager was found dead. Why did he die? They say it is because of depression.
Sushant Singh Photos

Mental health, is as important as the physical health. If you feel like any of these,

  • Alone all the time
  • Hiding your emotions behind a fake smile
  • Not interested in meeting friends or interacting with people
  • Not having the energy or motivation to do anything
  • Keep on thinking of the same thing/incident again and again
  • Loosing focus often
  • Thinking that suicide is the way out of your problems

Stop right there! You are heading in the wrong direction. Reach out to people, talk. Just talk. It can help you feel better. Don’t think that people will think bad about you if you share your feelings with them. Your loss is going to hurt them more than what you are going to share with them. No matter how big/worse your problem is, don’t quit!! Please, don’t ever think of leaving your loved ones.

I’ve not watched his movies, also not a fan, but this news is making me sick and sad. Just imagine how much more suffering and pain his family and friends would go through. Reach out to people. Do not let depression and anxiety take a toll on your life.

Nothing prolongs, even your problems. Just hold on a bit more. You’ve come this far, you will get through this.

Rest in peace Sushant πŸ˜”

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