Punishment night!

What punishment can anyone have in the night? Did you think that way? I call it punishment because I had a sleepless night yesterday! Oh! Now what’s the big deal without sleep for a single night? I can now read your mind asking me this question.

But behind my sleepless night, I have a story to tell you.

It was like any other typical night yesterday except a special thing is to mention that my little one refused to have her dinner! And now what? It’s Okie if kids skip a single meal and they don’t faint!! You are definitely right! But here the story starts…

Because I am a mommy, and this “mommy heart” couldn’t accept her daughter skipping dinner, I ran behind her with all the possible different dishes that were available but she repeatedly gave a BIG no for all the dishes I offered. Finally, I gave up!

But here is the good news; it was bedtime, and both the kids didn’t bother me much to sleep because they spent all their energy the whole long day and slept in a wink of an eye!

Are you losing patience to find what is the punishment I ever had after the kids slept early? Hold on! We are in the middle of the story. And now I had enough time to surf the net and possibly slept very late not after 12:30 midnight. Hardly after my good half an hour sleep, the little one started rolling. And she kept talking to me in a low voice every now and then.

I tried to put her back to sleep in all different positions, but after every half an hour I could notice that she was still awake! I am physically awake but my brain doesn’t seem to. So didn’t think much that why wouldn’t she sleep after all my effort!

A sudden thought sparked in my sleepy brain; and I realized that she could not sleep is just because she was hungry! And now the clock is 4 a.m. Oh God, I rushed to the kitchen to grab some bananas and a water bottle. And the little one was so happy to see that her Mommy was available even late at the nights for her “foodie need”!

And she had more than three bananas in one go. And I could see how hungry she was and the poor little one didn’t ask me right away when she felt hungry. And it took me more than 4 hours to “assume” that she should be hungry. She had her enough and now ready to sleep after giving her mommy a sleepless Punishment night! 💆‍♀️

But this “Punishment night” made me think, that so many kids around the globe go through such hungry nights!! Are they fed enough? How on earth these kids are surviving daily when they are forced to skip many meals a week?

But a BIG Thanks to all the NGO’s and all the volunteers who are offering themselves to serve the poor and needy! Kudos to you guys, you keep the world living!! 😍😍

Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

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