A man crosses the street in rain, with a baby on his shoulders. As fragile as it can be, he walks slowly making sure not to fall in the slippery.

His shoulders carry a future tomorrow. Stepping gently, he sees both sides very carefully before crossing the road to make sure nothing should splash him and disturb the little one’s peaceful sleep.

The baby has no trouble lying on her father’s shoulder which is the best place to sleep! The father avoids any simple conversation with his fellow walker fearing the baby might wake up. He is yet to reach his destination as his only way to reach is by walking!

He does not find enough strength to walk further, as he is missing food for three days in a row now! Thank God, on the fourth day, he received food by volunteers and gained strength to walk further. Also the baby in his shoulder was fed.

He could not make his baby walk, though his shoulders started paining as the baby has “just learnt” how to walk. Looking at the cats, dogs and crows on her way, the child smiled… and that kept the father going!

This is the story of many migrant workers who left their workplace without transportation but the only choice they had left is to walk to their destination!! Heartaches when seeing them in the media, May we HOPE that this Covid-19 should disappear from this universe and no one should have this story repeated to them!

Published by Offshorewriter

My Passion for writing unfolded during this lockdown, and here I am a blogger toady!

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